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Copper Electrodes Single Channel & MultiChannel

These products are for Small Hole Popper EDM machines.  Our tubes and components are made of very high quality materials that are constantly monitored for quality control purposes.  These EDM tubes are inspected several times before they reach you at your facility to insure that they product is completely straight and within tolerance.  We also inspect the tubes and components to ensure that the product is free of debris that might interfere with normal operations of the Small Hole Popper machines.

Both the copper and brass materials used in making these products is 100% pure and free of impurities that could cause serious issues with the performance of your EDM machines.  Our main priority is giving you a product that you will want to use over and over along with being considered being the best there is in the way of EDM consumables and performance materials.

Single Channel and Multichannel EDM Tubes or Electrodes come in 200mm, 300mm, and 400mm length on our site, however if you find yourself needing a shorter or longer size tube we are able to special order the materials for you.  We can get any size you need provided we have ample time to order the product from our suppliers.

Single Channel Copper Electrodes

MultiChannel Copper Electrodes 

EDM Brass Tubes edm-electrode-configurations.png

** EDM Tube core configuration varies for multichannel EDM Electrodes **