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Commonly Asked Questions

    • Where is the product ID number? - The product ID number is located at the top of the description page on all items in our inventory. The product number will always start with "ES-" and have an array of numbers immediately following it. This ID number will help us locate the specific ite you are talking about when you contact us.


    • How does my wishllist work? - Your wishlist was is a list of items that you want to purchase.  You can have as many wishlists as you want and name them whatever you wish.  If you have three different EDM Machines you can make a wishlist for each machine and keep this list of items that are used on that machine.  If you know you need a specific guide for that specific machine you add it to that machine's wishlist and go back later to order it or even reorder it directly from the wishlist.   This will save you a lot of time in the future and you will never have to look for your items again, even if the name changes or the price changes.  It will always be on your wishlist until you remove it. So take advantage of this wonderful feature.  It will save you time.


    • How do I reorder previously ordered items? - In order to reorder items from previous orders you need to log into your account and go to the order management page(Located Here).  From there you go to Completed Orders and click on the order that has the items you are looking for.  Once you Click on the order it will take you to another page that has the order information, a check box next to each item, and a reorder button just below the list of products.  This is where you select the previous items and just click reorder.  It is as simple as that. Item Reorder Image



    • When do my items ship out? - Items that are ordered before 9A.M EST and are free shipping ship out the same day at 10A.M. If you order after this time, they will go out 10A.M. the next day.  if the product has paid shipping order must be in by 2P.M. in order to ship out by 3 P.M. the same day.  If not they too will ship out the next day.  We generally always ship products out within 24 hours of recieving the order.  The only exceptions are special order products and delays due to bad weather.


    • I need the products shipped to Mexico or Argentina. Do I need to fill out the international order form? - No you do not have to fill out the international order form. However, you will need to at least email us all the information in order to make your purchase or call us at 1-336-757-8569. You cannot,, unfortunately, order through the website normally at this time. If however you are ordering products that can be shipped within the United States, you can order through the website. The only issue with international orders is the shipping costs. Therefore United States shipping is still permitted even if you order from another country.


    • The product I need is out of stock. What do I do? - Although the product may appear out of stock in the online store, it may just be a special order item and require more time to ship to you than normal. In order to purchase these products all you have to do is call us in order to make the order. In many cases we are simply waiting on product to arrive and if that is the case you can pre-order it by calling in and we will ship it out to you as soon as it arrives at our facilities.


    • The filter I am looking for does not match the picture. Is that an problem? - Although we try to match up the pictures with the actual products to simplify your purchasing process, we cannot always do that.  With the filters it does not matter however if the coupler is off center or directly in the center for most machines out there, because of the way in which they fit to the machines.  Therefore, you do not have to worry about that in 99% of the cases.  If you have any concerns however, please feel free to contact us in regards to this.  We can help you make sure your EDM machine is taken care of.


    • calls my Carbide Contact something else. Is that a problem? - There are many different names all for the same parts.  Power Feeds for example are also known as both Current Supplies and Carbide Contacts.  Each company has their own terminology for the same products, however that does not change the fact that the products are indeed the same items.  Flush nozzles, guides, and even electrode tubes are all known by different names for different companies.  If you have any questions about the item and are unsure if it is the exact same thing you looking for please feel free to contact us by email or by phone. We are always more than willing to assist you in finding the products that are right for you.


Support & Contact Information

You can always contact support for both the website and for your products through the contact form located: Here

On that page you will find all the information you need to contact us regarding any issues, questions, or comments you may have.

International Shipping Policies

Due to the costs of shipping internationally such as taxes and duties, we must have you fill out the international shipping form in order to process your order. This is to ensure that all costs for shipping internationally are taken care of ahead of time instead of having to either charge you later for shipping separately or having wait to process everything at once. Unfortunately taxes and duties can be very expensive and are not taken into account in the shipping program we use in the store to calculate your order total.

If you would rather call in to give your order that is not an issue. You can call us at 1-336-757-8569 between 9 A.M. & 5 P.M., Monday - Friday. You an also email us at

Shipping & Return Policy

You can view our shipping and return policies here:
~Shipping & Return Policy~

Finding The Right Spool

Need help finding the right spool for you? View the this pdf file to figure out what size spool you will need for your machine and order the correct one. Always double check the spool you are purchasing when you are checking out of the EDM online store.