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Wire EDM, Different Wire Types Offered By Us.

Looking to buy your EDM wire online? Look no further.

We offer the highest quality wire you can buy for a significantly lower retail price than many other companies selling EDM wire.  Our EDM wire is guaranteed to be clean and made of nothing but the best materials for your EDM needs. Saving you money, while keeping your machines running is important to you, therefore, it is important to us.

We will not sell you bad brass wire or junk wire with other minerals mixed into the brass, which can cause serious issues with cutting speed and wire breakage. Therefore, we offer the best of both hard brass EDM wire and stratified EDM wire for all your wire EDM needs.

Just choose your weight, your diameter, and the tensile strength of your wire.  If you do not see what you need or you just have some general questions please give us a call.

If you do not know the correct size for your EDM wire, you can always download our size chart in order to figure out which spool size you can use.

We offer the following EDM wires:

     ~ CutWise Premium Hard Brass Wire

     ~ Molybdenum Brass Wire (also known as Moly Wire)

     ~ Pro500 - Stratified EDM Wire

     ~ Pro900 - Zinc Coated Brass EDM Wire




EDM Wire Size Chart

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