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OMF Long Life EDM Filters

Filter prices are based on the per case. Some filters come more than one per case and the quantities are listed on the product's details pages.


OMF Long Life Filters are filters that are built for performance and meant to give you the long lasting solution to your EDM needs and drastically reduce costs both in the short term and long term for your EDM machine.  These filters will not only last longer, but will increase your EDM machine effectiveness through better filtrations technology within the filter itself.

These long life EDM filters will dramatically extend the life you receive out of a single filter and create other benefits you will see over time with your EDM machine. These filters all have 16² meters of filter media that they use to give you the long lasting filter you deserve. Ordinary filters have considerably much less filter media and therefore do not last nearly as long. With the ammount of filtering that these long life EDM filters use, they bring many other added benefits to the table that regular EDM filters are just not capable of delivering on. If you are looking for a filter that not only saves you money in the short and long term, then these are the EDM filters for you, because they are the best filter you can buy, especially for the price. These EDM filters are all ProSource filters and are a filter that you deserve to use in your machines.

  • Secondary cutting is dramatically reduced to save you time and money.

  • Wire breakages are dramatically reduced.

  • Cleans your dielectric system much better and for longer periods of time.

  • Surface finish is drastically improved.

  • Resin life is drastically increased.

  • Absolutely no increase to pump pressure, wear on pump, or any other parts.

We also carry filters for EBBCO systems, Fanuc, and Harmsco. These filters are also long life filters and are extremely high quality replacement filters for your EBBCO systems.

  Filter ID Number
  Used with Machine Type
Qty Per Box
ES10-800615-05   Fanuc: O, P, Q R, T, V, W0, W1, W2, W3, W4, A-Series
  Sodick: BW275, A280, A300, A320, A350, A350W, A500, A500P, A500W, A500WP,A600, A600P, A600W, A600WP, A750, A750W, A1000W
13" 46mm (1-3/4") 12" 2
ES10-800592K   Hitachi: H-CUT-Q, H-CUT-3, H-CUT-4, H-CUT-5, H-CUT-6, H-CUT-8, H-CUT-3HP, H-CUT-203
  Makino: EC32, EC64, ECQ53, EE3, EE6, EE6L, EE8, EQ5, EH3, EH6
  Mitsubishi: DWC-PA, SA, SB, SZ(Submersed)
12" Coupler 20" 2
  Makino: U32, U32K U53, U53K
  Mitsubishi: CX, FX, FXK, RA, and QA
13" Coupler 12" 2
ES10-800522   Mitsubishi: SX Series 12" 29mm (1.14") 10" 2
  Mitsubishi: C, H, HA
12" 29mm (1.14") 20" 2
       ES10-800634K       Fanuc: New Alpha Series 13" Coupler  12" 2
       ES10-800627K   Fanuc: New Alpha Series 13" Coupler 18" 2
ES10-800627K   Charmilles
13" Coupler 18" 2

 ES10-800633 Filters are Super OMF filter.