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CutWise Premium Brass Wire

CutWise Premium Brass EDM wire is a high performance wire that performs much better than the typical high speed wire that is Copper(Cu) 60% / Zinc(Zn) 40%.  CutWise EDM hard brass wire outperforms many of the other brands in every aspect.  Not only will it cut faster than the typical wire, it will burn cleaner which saves you money when it comes to your other EDM consumables such as EDM filters and EDM guides.

CutWise Brass EDM wire comes in both soft (medium hard) or hard brass.  The soft brass wire is great for cutting tapered corners and edge work.  Both versions of the CutWise brass EDM wire will give you smoother finished cutting surfaces, while cutting faster, and burning cleaner than most typical brass wires. If you are looking for a real premium brass wire, CutWise is the choice for you. 

Below are the EDM wire specifications for ProSource's CutWise brass EDM wire.

ISO9002 Certified Wire

Wire Type Composition Coating Tensile Str. Elongation
CutWise Hard Brass Wire CuZn = 60% / 40% No Coating 900 N/mm2
130,000 PSI
CutWise Soft Brass Wire CuZn = 60% / 40% No Coating 490 N/mm2
70,000 PSI

This wire is used for precise cutting applications.

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