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Current Supply Contact Unit

Product Number: ES10-201710

  per case.
Current Stock : 4  cases in stock.

This item is a non-refundable item. All sales for this product are final and cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. If there is a problem with the product please call us at 336-757-8559.

Details and Technical Information

Charmille Supply Contact Unit, 135008329


AgieCharmilles CUT 20, CUT 20 P, CUT 200, CUT 200 mS, CUT 200 Sp, CUT 30, CUT 30 P, CUT 300, CUT 300 mS, CUT 300 Sp, CUT 400, CUT 400 Sp, CUT E 350, CUT E 600, CUT P 1250, CUT P 350, CUT P 550, CUT P 800, FI 1000, FI 1020, FI 1020.1, FI 1020SI, FI 190, FI 2000, FI 2020, FI 2020.1, FI 2020SI, FI 230 F, FI 240,FI 240 CC, FI 240 CCS, FI 240 SL, FI 240 SLP, FI 290, FI 290 P, FI 300, FI 310, FI 330 F, FI 4000, FI 4020, FI 4020.1, FI 4020SI, FI 440, FI 440 CC, FI 440 CCS, FI 440 SL, FI 440 SLP, FI 500,  FI 510,  FI 6000, FI 6020, FI 6020.1, FI 6020SI, FI 640 CC, FI 640 CCS

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