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PS-1570, Semi-Synthetic EDM Dielectric Fluid (55 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 5 Gallons)

Product Number: ES10-602202

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Sizes: 55 Gallons, 30 Gallons, 5 Gallons

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Details and Technical Information

ProSource PS-1570 was developed in response to the EDM industries need for a high performance, long lasting EDM fluid with special emphasis on safety. Conventional mineral oil based products break down, get thicker, emit odors, become more acidic and cause dermatitis requiring periodic change. ProSource PS-1570 eliminates oil changes because of its inherent stability & viscosity. PS-1570 does not irritate the skin.

  • PS-1570 is a high grade semi-synthetic EDM oil.
  • This product comes in a 55 gallon drum, 30 gallon drum, or 5 gallon containers.
  • This product ships from Chicago, IL.


  • Safe on all metals
  • High debris removal rates
  • Designed for fine & rough finishes
  • Low electrode wear
  • No unpleasant fumes
  • High dielectric strength
  • Excellent filterability
  • High Flash Point
  • Resists oxidation
  • Safe on tank sealing materials.

Performance Specifications

  • Viscosity, [email protected]: 32.62
  • Dielectric Strength: High
  • Flash Point: 225F / 107C
  • Distillation Range: 438 - 470F ( 226 - 243C)
  • Odor: Nil / mild
  • Specific Gravity: 0.76
  • Sulfur Content: & lt;1 PPM
  • Boiling Point: >400F (>204C)
  • Chlorine Content: N / A
  • Evaporation Rate: Nil


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